PowerPoint presentation design

Presentations have evolved
Don't worry — your current presentation is no worse than everyone else's.
We can say that with some certainty because virtually every client we meet, even directors of world renowned brands, sheepishly show us the rather embarrassing presentations they get to stand beside. You're in good company.

The opportunity, of course, is that it's really not that hard to be much, much better than everyone else.

presentation sample

Our presentation design service brings together grown-up thinking, sophisticated branding, and breakthrough graphics and animation. In other words, we get to the heart of your story and then use all the tricks of the trade to bring it to life.

And best of all we've worked out how to deliver all this multimedia power right in PowerPoint, so you can edit information, reshuffle slides, add content, and do anything else you do with your current presentation.

Knocking presentations into shape
Projects normally start with us taking a look at your content, if available, and learning about what you are hoping to achieve. Based on this we'll show you appropriate samples from our portfolio and discuss the various options. From there a solution will be finessed that delivers your business objectives at a sensible price. We put this in writing with a fixed-cost proposal.

The exact feature-set varies from project to project but might include some or all of these activities:

Presentation content developmentContent Review and Editing
Try this — take a look at the summary points on the last slide of your presentation, then go back over all the other slides and see if they really help support the finale. Chances are the story will have meandered off into dead-ends and irrelevancies. We can fix that. We rearrange and edit your content so the story builds logically and your key themes permeate from beginning to end.

Presentation templatesOn-Brand Template and Quick Start Slides
We make sure your presentation looks like you and no-one else, and we work hard to develop a distinctive style that establishes just the right tone. We even extend the template with Quick Start slides that make it a breeze for you to add your own text slides, charts, tables etc.

PowerPoint animationKey Theme Animation
There's no better way to hardwire prospects to your key themes than with a focused opening animation. Think of it as a short, emotive précis of your story. Some of our clients have found that these communicate so successfully that they now simply present the animation, and leave it at that.

Presentation designPresentation Graphics
At the heart of all the presentations we design are lots of intelligent, engaging graphics that communicate your story as memorably as possible. Sometimes there's a complex idea that needs to be made approachable, or some key data that needs an inventive treatment, or perhaps it's to do with differentiating you from the competition. We do all that, and we do it so well we've won awards for it.

Animated presentationMotion Graphics
We've even taken presentation graphics a step further by designing animations that are integrated seamlessly into the overall layout. These maintain the presentations momentum and are a uniquely powerful way we can underscore your most important ideas.

Interactive presentationInteractivity
A well thought-out interactive menu can be a great way for presenters to focus on a prospect's specific needs, and show them only the most relevant information. In fact for some clients we have created interactive libraries of hundreds of screens that give them complete freedom to respond to any eventuality on the fly.

PowerPoint designerAnd it's all in PowerPoint...
...honestly. That means you can start benefiting from all this multimedia muscle from Day 1. You will already know how to run it, how to print it, and how to edit and update it. It really couldn't be easier...