Corporate video production

What's the story?
It could be you have a new product or service to promote, perhaps you want to start a conference with a bang, or maybe you're after an advertising video to win some new customers.

Whatever your story we can help bring it to life with a dynamic corporate video.

Corporate Video

All our work is built from the ground up to ensure it will totally engage your audience. Each element is carefully crafted to ensure it reflects your brand, explains your point, and gets to the heart of your story. Everything is tightly synchronised to the soundtrack or voice-over. It's a very compelling recipe.

Design once, deliver anywhere

We give you maximum return on your marketing spend by delivering your promo on DVD, CD, USB, PowerPoint and web. Heck we'll even make a video tape if you like!

Corporate video production guide
We start by talking with you about what needs to be communicated and reviewing anything you have that helps inform that — for instance a relevant presentation, brochure or web-site.

Based on this we'll show you appropriate samples from our portfolio and discuss the various creative and technical options. From there we will propose a solution that delivers maximum impact at a sensible price. We put this in writing with a fixed-cost proposal.

Video companiesSound
If your story is complex or information-based we would normally write and record a voice-over to underpin the animation. If it's more about impact, and making an emotional connection, we'll probably let music and graphics do the work on their own.

Advertising videoPicture
Starting with a totally blank canvas is not a problem for us. Many of our clients have little or nothing in the way of pictures or existing video (often they are service based companies, or launching new concepts). It's a particular skill of ours to be able to develop meaningful and entertaining motion graphics for these sorts of clients. Equally you can be sure we'll get maximum mileage out of any relevant imagery you do have, or any that we shoot for you.

Corporate videoAction!
People often overestimate how long a video needs to be to successfully communicate the essentials of their business. We find that a 30-120 second running time is usually ample, indeed it's likely that's all the time your audience is going to give you anyway.

It means all our efforts are focused on getting to the heart of the matter quickly, and ensuring every second helps drive the story forward.