PowerPoint digital signage

Don't let your screens fall flat
A lot of companies have invested a lot of money in a lot of sexy flat-screens. Now what?

We provide the missing piece of the puzzle. We design the graphics and animations that will get you noticed, tell your story, and make intelligent use of all those pixels you've bought.

Digital signage screens

Your goal might be to draw a crowd at a trade show, get people in your shop, do some advertising, let people know what's on at your venue, do something useful with the screen in reception, or up the ante on your digital signage network.

Whatever you're after, the chances are that it's not going to be good enough to use an old TV ad or presentation, or to knock-up something on a garish template that came with the software.

What's needed is something that is specially designed to appeal to your audience, something redolent of your brand, and something that takes full advantage of the unique impact and flexibility that comes with digital signage. That's something that we design.

We're not just a pretty face
Our focus is designing good-looking digital signage content that ensure your message communicates as effectively as possible - whatever screen, software, or network you are using. However, we've also flexed our technical know-how to come up with a uniquely simple and powerful solution to many corporate, and retail signage situations.

PowerPoint digital signageThe digital signage system you already know how to use
You may have seen elsewhere on our site that we make PowerPoint do things you didn't think possible. Briefly, we design full motion animation and video, bring it together with graphics, infomatics, and branded content templates, and orchestrate the whole shebang in PowerPoint. The net result is impressive visuals that you can easily edit and control.

Well for digital signage we can take all that a few stages further.

Automated PowerPointReal-time PowerPoint updates
We can link-up PowerPoint with your office calendar (or even your email) and pull data on-the-fly into the running PowerPoint show - without anyone ever having to touch it. That means the screen in reception can automatically welcome Mr Smith at 10:00am and Mrs. Jones at 10:30am — automatically from your secretary's diary. No manual intervention required.

Or you can hook into your music venues calendar and watch the "what's on" screens in your ticket office update automatically.

You could even have passers-by send a text message that ends up incorporated in your graphics... in real-time.

PowerPoint tickerReal-time PowerPoint ticker
All of the above can also go in a continuous ticker that plays throughout the show. So for instance your reception screen could be playing a loop of promotional slides, but welcome messages and news items could appear on top in a ticker. Again all this happens on-the-fly, with no manual intervention, and without ever pausing the playback..

PowerPoint signageAnd it's all still just PowerPoint
So you have great looking graphics and animations, flexible templates you can easily add content to, true automatic real-time updating, and it's all still just a bunch of PowerPoint slides. That means you can print them, re-arrange them, make new slides, edit old slides, and do everything else you already know how to do.

It's the digital signage system you already know how to work.