Web video

Every second counts
The publisher of the Economist.com recently reported that the average visitor spent just 6 minutes on the site — and that's with over 150,000 pages of quality content. Let's face it, it's likely your visitors are in even more of a rush.

On the web every second of eyeball time is a precious commodity.

Web video

Our niche is designing dynamic web content that will grab visitors attention, and communicate the key aspects of your business in a succinct and compelling way. Our web videos, animations and mini-sites are designed to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your website and provide a carefully scripted and choreographed précis of your corporate story.

They are a great way to encourage visitors to explore your website further. It's also re-assuring to know that even if someone only has 1 or 2 minutes for you, the animation will ensure they still come away with a good understanding of what you're about.

Are you telling tales?
We combine to-the-point script writing with sophisticated design, informatics, video and motion graphics to energise your corporate stories and engage your visitors. The tale we tell depends on your situation but here's a few typical scenarios:

Online tour videoQuick Tour
Tell viewers what's what with your company or web site. Quick tours are a great way to summarize everything that matters to someone taking a first look at you. You'll be surprised that in 1-2 minutes we can really cover even complex businesses effectively. They say first impressions matter and this is a sure fire way to ensure you put your best foot forward.

Web sales promo videoSales and Product Promo
These potted online promotions work round the clock to warm-up your sales prospects. Americans would call this the "elevator pitch" — 60-odd seconds to tell someone why they need to do business with you. Sales people love them because they are a highly effective way to instantly respond to leads. They simply email a link to the animation and then follow-up later to answer any questions and fill-in more detail.

Web training videoSoftware/Service/Training Demo
A particular skill of ours is developing dynamic information graphics that explain complex processes or ideas in a coherent and memorable way. This is of particular value to service businesses that often have a hard time finding a way to effectively visualise what they do. These really help get people up to speed.

Online PowerPoint presentationOnline Presentation
Rather than having a "full-on" animation sometimes a narrated presentation is an appropriate choice. Typically this works well for a longer piece, or one where existing presentation graphics can be utlised. Users can control the pace of the presentation or jump to a specific slide that is of interest. It sure beats traipsing around with a laptop and projector!

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